Ensure we can provide expert veterinary care where it's needed most

Ensure we can provide expert veterinary care where it's needed most

Behind every life expertly saved, every dog vaccinated, every donkey treated and every cat neutered, is you.

Donate today

However much you feel able to give, you will make a real and lasting difference to an animal in need. You could be funding the rescue and care of an abandoned dog in Thailand or fighting for welfare rights on behalf of the working donkeys in Ethiopia's salt mines. Your gift will mean so much to an animal with no other hope of care.

Donate medication

Have any leftover pet medication? Donate it to WVS and make sure it's used in the most sensible and helpful way.

Play the weekly WVS lottery to win big!

For just £1 a week, you could win £25,000 in the brand new WVS lottery! But the best bit is that you’ll also be helping provide lifesaving veterinary care to animals in need all around the world.

Fundraise to be the difference

Hike, bike, bake, run, quiz, jump, swim, go mute, entertain, play, do something crazy. It’s your choice! Whatever, whenever and however you want to raise money to provide expert veterinary care around the world – we can support you! Get your fundraising guide or speak to the team today to start your fundraising journey.

Become an Animal Champion

Will you stand up for animals in need and end their suffering?

With regular donations from Animal Champions like you, we can care for more animals around the world. We can send even more medication and supplies where they’re so desperately needed. We can ensure more expert and compassionate vets see animals who otherwise would have no-one.

Together, we can fight the injustice of animal suffering.


Find out more about becoming a member of WVS. Whether you would like to join as an individual, a vet practice, or you are looking to inspire a young animal enthusiast, we have a membership for you. We offer an array of excellent membership benefits and, most importantly, you’ll be helping to provide veterinary care to animals in need globally. Sign up now to join a network of people championing animal welfare around the world.

Conservation through Vet Care

Nature is amazing. From the smallest insect to the largest mammal, everything has its place. But, too often, we see the delicate balance of nature disrupted. Small actions can cause devastating consequences, with our wildlife paying the price.

Pair My Pet

What do you get for the pet who has everything? Or, for your friend who loves their pet more than anything? You give them the chance to help an animal in need. Sign up to Pair My Pet today and we'll match your beloved four-legged friend with one that is being helped by WVS.

Inspire a future vet!

Do you know a critter-mad youngster? Is your child obsessed with their furry friend? Could they be a caring and life-saving vet in the future? Spark their imagination and encourage stimulating learning through our Young Vets Club! Created by professional vets and teachers, it’s the perfect gift for all animal-loving kids.

Create your legacy

Did you know you can leave a gift to charity in your will? Once you’ve looked after those who mean the most in your life, you can leave a legacy of expert veterinary care for vulnerable animals. Sadly, animals will always need the loving care of vets. Contact the team to ensure this care is provided into the future through your legacy.

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