Stand up for animals in need and end their suffering

The world needs more people like you! People who care about animals and believe that every animal should receive the care it deserves. Compassionate people who stand up for what they believe.

That’s why we’re asking you to become an Animal Champion by giving a regular donation to WVS. With the support of champions like you, we can care for more animals around the world.

We can send even more medication and supplies where they’re so desperately needed. We can ensure more expert and compassionate vets see animals who otherwise would have no-one.

Together, we can fight the injustice of animal suffering.

Become an Animal Champion

When you become an Animal Champion

By becoming an Animal Champion you’ll be joining the frontline of animal welfare – part of the worldwide effort to ensure that every animal receives the care it deserves. Most importantly, you’ll be showing animals in need that you care.

You’ll receive your personal welcome pack, regular updates about how your vital support is helping animals in need along with unique opportunities to stand up for animals worldwide.

Become an Animal Champion

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