Become an Animal Champion to halt animal suffering
Become an Animal Champion to halt animal suffering

Become an Animal Champion to halt animal suffering

Our vets treat animals in need, but they are saved by champions like you. People who care about animals and believe that every animal should receive the care it deserves. Compassionate people who stand up for what they believe in. We call them Animal Champions.

You can become an Animal Champion by giving a regular donation to WVS. With the support of champions like you, we can care for more animals around the world.

From as little as £3 a month, your support will make an immediate and lasting difference. Together, we can send even more medication and supplies where they are so desperately needed. We can ensure more expert and compassionate vets see animals who otherwise would have no one.

Please set up a monthly donation today, and help us fight the injustice of animals suffering, for pets, wildlife, and working animals, everywhere.

Become an Animal Champion

When you become an Animal Champion

By becoming an Animal Champion you'll be joining the frontline of animal welfare - part of the worldwide effort to ensure that every animal receives the care it deserves. Most importantly, you'll be showing animals in need that you care.

Become an Animal Champion

Our Animal Champions receive

When you sign up, you'll receive a welcome pack, including a bumper sticker, postcard, and information about the life-saving work you're now a part of. We'll also keep you up to date with all our heart-warming news, along with unique opportunities to stand up for animals worldwide.

Become an Animal Champion

What makes a champion?

Strong, fast, fearless. We believe there's more to it than that. Champions in our eyes are passionate, generous, and devoted to making this world a better place. These are our Animal Champions, and they are people just like you.

Become an Animal Champion

Not all champions lift trophies

Despite being from so many different places and backgrounds, our Animal Champions are all passionate about the same thing: saving animals. Through supporting our veterinary teams monthly, they are the real lifesavers and deserve much more than a trophy.

Become an Animal Champion

A local charity, a global impact

"My wife and I are, and always have been, animal lovers and it breaks our hearts to see animal suffering and cruelty around the world. We're very happy to be able to support a local charity in a small way." - Animal Champion

Become an Animal Champion

Together, we can end animal suffering

"I respect all animal life. I cannot bear the thought of any animal going without basic needs of food, water, and medical treatment. I hope in some small way to help achieve this." - Animal Champion

Become an Animal Champion

Get involved in any way you can

"I have worked overseas with WVS many times over the past 15 years or so, but having started a family, I am unable to participate in trips at the moment, so supporting you this way is second best." - Animal Champion

Become an Animal Champion

Donate today

Please make a real and lasting difference to an animal in need by donating today. Any amount, big or small, will mean so much to an animal with no other hope of care.


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