Rescued from the dump: A new life for Bliss

Rescued from the dump: A new life for Bliss

Bliss was fighting to survive at a waste disposal ground in Chiang Mai in Thailand before her rescue in 2022.

Life had not been kind to Bliss, and she was in an awful way when she arrived at our clinic. A large and painful maggot wound had already resulted in her losing her left ear, she was severely dehydrated, in pain, and was so thin that she had a body condition score of only 1/5. Because of the severity of her head wound, her temporal muscle and some areas of her skull were visible. During her examination, it became clear to our veterinary team that poor Bliss had been dealing with this injury for a significant amount of time. 

Thankfully Bliss was now in safe hands and could receive the treatment she so desperately needed. She was sedated to allow thorough wound cleaning over the next few days, with wet-to-dry dressings helping to extract the infection and begin the healing process. Her blood results also revealed that she had the blood parasite Ehrlichia spp. Bliss was a superstar patient - incredibly gentle, kind, and friendly - and she seemed to know that our team were there to help. Sadly, our vets knew that it was going to be a long road to recovery for Bliss.  

Daily wound dressing and laser treatment, alongside a course of antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, helped to speed up the healing and make her more comfortable. Unfortunately, Bliss later required reconstruction of her ear canal to clear away scar tissue which was blocking the opening and causing repeated infections. After months of treatment and care at our clinic, thankfully Bliss had turned the corner and we saw her wonderful personality shine through as she became more confident with the team.  

During her recovery, she caught the eye of Laila who volunteered at WVS Thailand earlier this year. We couldn’t be happier to report that Laila fell in love with Bliss and decided to adopt her. At the time, Laila was living in Chiang Mai, but she has since made a move back to Germany. After a long recovery period, where frustratingly her flight had to be cancelled to allow for more treatment, Bliss has finally stepped foot on German soil. She has taken to her life in a loving home very well and we are enjoying receiving updates from her owners about her latest adventures.  

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