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Volunteer abroad with animal charity WVS and help champion animal welfare

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Welcome to our new website! To find what it means for us as a charity, and you as a supporter please read more about it here.

We need your help! There are many options for volunteers with a wide range of experience. Join one of our teams and be the difference in animal welfare, where it really counts.

From qualified vets, vet nurses and vet students to volunteers with no previous veterinary experience - we can use your skills. From dogs and cats to chimps to cheetahs, we offer a range of volunteering options where you can work with a variety of species. We welcome volunteers to join our teams and bring their energy and strength to our cause.

We also offer specific training projects for vet students and newly graduated vets, who are looking to gain practical experience in the field, as harnessing the idealism that fires them to become vets, empowers what we do and strengthens our recruitment options for the future!

Volunteer Veterinary Trips

Paid Vet Vacancy - Cape Town S.Africa


The SA.MAST Animal Clinic in Khayelitsha, Cape Town, South Africa (SA's largest township) has virtually come to a standstill because they no longer have a vet. Their clinic has been conducting a focused and consistent mass sterilisation and primary treatment programme in SA (Over 19 000 spay / neuters to date) whilst also treating the sick and injured via their animal ambulances, clinic and hospital.

They are looking for a fixed-term contract (long or short term) sole charge Veterinary Surgeon, new graduates are welcome to apply. There is also the possibility of being offered a permanent position if or when it suits both parties.

Work visas for UK or Australian registered Veterinary Surgeons are easily obtainable because the qualification is listed as a critical skills shortage in South Africa.

Kitwe Animal Welfare Society Sterilisation Project - Zambia April 2019

Vets, Vet Nurses

Supporting Kitwe Animal Welfare Society a supported charity of WVS who have partnered with The Dziko Project who are looking for experienced vets and nurses (must have 3 years + post grad experience) to support a sterilisation, vaccination and treatment campaign.


This is the first mass sterilisation and vaccination drive KAWS have ran, coupled with education to pet owners across the community. We will be working in partnership with KAWS and their local vets to reach and treat as many dogs and animals as we can.

The campaign will provide FREE sterilization, 5 in 1 vaccinations (providing protection against canine distemper, infectious canine hepatitis, canine adenovirus type 1 and 2, canine parainfluenza and canine parvovirus), health care check, wound management, council registration, and equally as important education on responsible pet care and rabies prevention awareness.

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