India: Kupri the dog's troublesome mass

India: Kupri the dog's troublesome mass

Kupri, a pet dog in India, was brought to our veterinary centre with a sizable and intrusive mass. The mass was growing around Kupri's left axilla (armpit) area and was attached to her chest and leg, and was now so large that it was causing issues with her gait and ability to walk.

Without intervention, the tumour would not only cause more mobility issues, but it could also possibly become ulcerated and infected, causing more pain and distress. What's more, there was a chance that the tumour may have metastasized to other parts of the body.

To give Kupri the best life possible, the tumour had to go.

Our vets took radiographs of Kupri's chest, as this is one of the first most common areas for secondary cancer to appear. Luckily Kupri’s chest x-ray was clear, and our vets proceeded to remove the mass in surgery.

The area where the tumour was found is a difficult area to work in as consideration needs to be given to wound closure, knowing that with the leg moving back and forwards when walking/jumping/running, there is a strong possibility that the skin can stretch and the wound can open up and become infected, causing wound breakdown. Our surgeons did a marvellous job here, however, using a flap of skin from her side to cover the area of open skin left by the removal.

Seven days after the surgery, with restricted and monitored exercise, the wound was healing well, and the vets were happy to discharge Kupri to her owners as a much more happy and comfortable dog than when we first met her.

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