Thailand: an incredible transformation for a young street dog

Thailand: an incredible transformation for a young street dog

In April 2022, a 9-month-old street dog, named Amalia, was brought to WVS Thailand after a concerned member of the local community noticed that she was in a bad condition.

Amalia had crusts all over her skin with numerous infected skin lesions and had generalised alopecia (hair loss). Our vets also discovered that she was suffering from a painful eye infection.

Many animals, like Amalia, do not have access to veterinary care when they need it most – that’s why WVS provides free expert care to animals in need all over the world.

During her examination at our rescue and rehabilitation centre, Amalia was a very sweet, calm and well-behaved patient.

To determine the cause of her condition, our vets took a skin scrape sample and examined it under a microscope. This revealed that Amalia had a large infestation of Demodex spp (parasitic mites which live within the hair follicles of dogs).

For most dogs, the mites will never cause a problem, however, in some cases a large mite population can develop into a disease called demodicosis.

Demodicosis mostly occurs in puppies and can start as small patches of alopecia which can resolve without treatment. Unfortunately for Amalia, it developed into generalised demodicosis with concurrent skin infections.

Our vets began treatment, putting Amalia on a course of anti-parasitic medication alongside antibiotics and gave her antimicrobial baths three times a week.

Within a few weeks, Amalia had begun to make an excellent recovery and the team were delighted to see her become a loving and playful dog.

Once she had returned to being happy and healthy dog, Amalia was put up for adoption.

Amalia has recently gone on to find her forever home and is settling in well with her new owners (and four-legged siblings). She is beginning to adjust to life in a home, rather than on the streets, and especially loves her food!

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