Change a Pet’s Life: Pair Your Pet

Change a Pet’s Life: Pair Your Pet

Pets make our lives better, every day. They love us unconditionally, comfort us, and are by our sides no matter what. Whether you have a pet at home or not, you know exactly what we're talking about.

But, sadly, not all pets receive a loving home in return. Many pets are mistreated, abandoned, or forced to fend for themselves. With your support, our veterinary teams work around the world, wherever the need is the greatest, to give all animals – strays, abandoned pets, and those from rural and poor communities – the helping hand they deserve.

Pair My Pet  

You can help by pairing your beloved four-legged friend with one who isn’t as fortunate. For as little as £3 a month, you’ll help rescue injured animals off the street, treat and care for sick patients, and find new homes for abandoned pets. You will help better the lives of animals in need – in the same way pets change yours.

SIGN UP: Support animals worldwide through Pair My Pet.

Pair My Pet is a regular giving programme for animal lovers, but it also makes the perfect gift for a pet who has everything, or a friend who loves their pet more than anything. As part of the programme, the nominated pet receives a letter from their paired pet, certificate, postcard, delicious pet-friendly recipe, as well as updates on how your support is making a difference, to not only their paired pet, but animals around the world.

LEARN MORE: Find out how you can make a real difference.

The Perfect Pair  

Choose one of three animals to pair your pet with; Bear the dog, Cali the cat, or Strong the horse. 

Thanks to the support of people like you, Bear, Cali, and Strong were all rescued and given the treatment, care, and loving homes they desperately needed. Pair your pet with either Bear, Cali, or Strong today to hear more about their journeys to a better life, and help animals just like them.

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A special tribute  

Pets hold a very special place in our hearts, and losing them is never easy. If you have lost a beloved pet, pairing them with Bear, Cali, or Strong can be a helpful and comforting way to celebrate and honour their life, whilst changing the life of an animal in need. Find out how you can make a gift in memory of a lost pet and create a lasting tribute.

LEAVE A LEGACY: Honour your pet's memory.

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