A home: The greatest gift of all

A home: The greatest gift of all

Our four-legged friends provide us with so much – comfort, companionship, love – and even more so during the pandemic. Some animals are lucky enough to receive a loving home in return, but many still go without.

Every day, our life-saving teams around the world provide treatment and care to animals suffering from horrific injuries, cruel diseases, and heart-breaking neglect. But we don't stop there. With your supportwe give them a life beyond treatment.

When they’re ready, we release them into the loving arms of their owners, return them to the community in which they call home, or if they need extra attention and care – perhaps because they’re elderly or have lost a limb – we help them find the right home. No matter the reason, we believe every animal deserves a home.

Donate today and help care for animals whilst they wait for their fur-ever homes.

COVID-19: Delays to fur-ever homes

But the ongoing pandemic has made this challenging.

Whilst the pandemic has made life difficult for people everywhere, it’s also had devastating consequences for animals. Food sources for strays are shut overnight, pets are abandoned on the streets out of desperation, and adoption programmes are disrupted and delayed. It’s meant that we’re caring for more animals, for a longer period of time, until the right homes can be found.

Even with more animals in our care and homes taking longer to find, we never turn an animal away.

Learn more about our Adoption Appeal and how you can help.

India: Giving Loki the dog a second chance

Right now, in Thailand, we have 41 dogs looking for homes, costing £220 to feed and care for each week. Please, if you can this Christmas, make a donation and keep the animals like Loki safe, warm, and fed, until the right home is found.

Amidst the height of the pandemic last year, Loki, a three-year-old dog in India, was abandoned outside our centre. He was in a poor condition, suffering from a severe skin infection that had caused him to lose all his fur. We took him in and cared for him with medicated baths, supplements, and topical treatment. His condition improved initially, but he wasn’t out of the woods yet.

He sadly relapsed and began losing his fur in patches. We didn’t give up. We continued his specialised care and several months later, he has finally returned to good health and is up for adoption. Loki is ready for his forever home.

donation from you today will help look after more cats and dogs who, through no fault of their own, have found themselves in our care, until the right home can be found.

Thailand: Giving Hans the dog his happily ever after

Finding the right home can take weeks or months, but for Hans, it took years. Even so, we never gave up.

Nine years ago, Hans was rescued from severe abuse and has been in our care in Thailand ever since. When Hans arrived, he was in an extremely poor way. Regular beatings from his owner had left him traumatized and suffering from extreme anxiety. Even the busy shelter environment proved too much for him, and Hans was placed with a local Animal Behaviourist for the first two years, where he was able to begin the transformation into a healthy and happy dog.

Thanks to the efforts of so many over the years, Hans has been able to form special bonds with the people closest to him and overcome his anxiety.

In October, at the mature age of 11, Hans found his rightful home.

Han’s new family followed his journey online before enquiring with the centre. We set up a meeting to allow Hans to get to know the family in a space he was comfortable in, and at his own space. The very slow introduction was a huge success and ended with Hans sitting on the lap of one of the family members – something which would have been impossible when he first arrived. After a home inspection, it was clear that this was Han’s chance at having a loving family to live out his golden years, and he was officially adopted.

Without the support of people like you, Hans’ life would have been very different. You ensured Hans was rescued, treated for this trauma and anxiety, and cared for all those years, until the right family came along.

donation from you today will give more animals like Hans their happily ever after.

Thank you so much for thinking of our four-legged friends this Christmas.

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