A life beyond treatment

Every day our teams at our veterinary centres in India, Thailand, Malawi and the Galápagos Islands provide life-saving veterinary treatment to animals suffering from horrific injuries, cruel diseases, and heart-breaking neglect.

But we don't stop there.

We make sure every animal we treat has a safe place to return to. Some animals have loving homes to return to, or can return safely to their community, but others need extra care and attention. They may be older, have lost a limb, or simply be unable to fend for themselves. No matter the reason, we help them find the perfect place to call home.

Right now, people around the world are being affected by increased costs for everyday essentials, and as costs soar animals are feeling the impact too. Global prices have risen by more than 8% on average in 2022,* the fastest rate for at least 20 years.

Sadly, the increased cost of living is affecting people around the world, and consequently more animals arrive at our doors in need of help, and finding new homes takes longer. Please, if you can, donate today, and help to keep animals in our centres safe, warm, and fed, until the right home is found.


In Malawi, the average cost of living for a family has increased by 41%, in comparison to 2021**. These severe cost increases mean many people are struggling to feed and care for their family and their pets. Sadly, many animals find themselves without a home at all.

Inflation is also impacting our centres. Right now, we are now facing higher and higher costs to treat, feed and care for animals, until the right home is found.

Your donation can help treat and care for animals at our centres around the world, until they find a loving home.


The impact of Covid-19 is still being felt. In spite of some return to normality, there are still ongoing challenges, and sadly many animals are suffering the consequences.

After the first lockdown in India, our centre in Goa saw a 266% increase in the number of cats and dogs being abandoned, and since then more and more animals have arrived at our centres in need of care.

In Thailand, our centre currently has over 35 dogs, ranging from 4 months to 13 years waiting for their forever home.

Please, donate today, and help look after the cats and dogs, who through no fault of their own have found themselves in our centres, until the right home can be found.


Being there for Bliss

Life as a stray has been especially cruel to Bliss, a young female trying to survive at a local waste disposal facility. She arrived at WVS Thailand seriously malnourished and with a massive, maggot-infested wound covering almost half her head. Though she must have been in excruciating pain for some time, Bliss patiently endured our team's efforts to help her and expressed her gratitude any way she could. While Bliss may never look the same again on the outside, we believe there will be someone out there who can see her tremendous inner beauty and welcome her into a loving home.

Your support will help provide treatment for Bliss, until she is ready to find a forever home.


Caring for cats like Jassie

After the recent severe flooding in Chiang Mai, a lost kitten called Jassie incredibly found her way onto the doorstep of WVS vet, Dr Lukpla. She was clearly determined to be rescued and at only around two months old, was very tiny and frightened. She was taken to our Thailand clinic to receive lots of love and TLC from the team. It didn't take long for her to gain confidence and she was soon ready to find a new home. Jassie is one of the lucky ones, as she didn't have to wait long to be adopted.

Your donation will help to provide shelter, food, and care for cats like Jassie, until they can find a loving home.


Treatment for Mowgli

In Malawi, a dog named Mowgli was brought to our clinic in urgent need of treatment after being bitten by a snake. Mowgli was in a bad way, unable able to stand and showing neurological symptoms. Without treatment, the snake bite would have been fatal. Thankfully, our vets were there to deliver the expert care needed to stabilise Mowgli. She then received physiotherapy to help her walk again, everyday growing stronger. She has now fully recovered and is a loving and playful dog, hoping to find a family to adopt her.

A donation today will help us treat and care for more dogs like Mowgli, giving them a brighter future.


*Source - Economist Intelligence Worldwide Cost of Living 2022 summary report.

**Source - The Times Group - 'Cost of living bites harder' -

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