Abandoned puppy saved from pile of rubbish

Abandoned puppy saved from pile of rubbish

A stray puppy named Lisa was brought into our Thailand clinic after being found in a pile of rubbish with her two siblings who had sadly died.

Lisa was unable to stand, riddled with fleas and had damage to one of her corneas from not being able to move for a long period of time. Lisa would not have survived for much longer without any veterinary care.

Thankfully, the WVS vets were on hand to offer Lisa the urgent treatment and care required. Lisa had to be tested for infectious diseases before coming into the clinic, but luckily, these results came back negative.

The vets ran a number of tests, including a neurological exam and x-rays, to determine the cause of Lisa’s condition. The team narrowed down her diagnoses to a form of infection and commenced a course of antibiotics. Her initial blood results had come back with no abnormalities, but a second blood test revealed that she was suffering with Anaplasmosis (a disease spread by tick bites) and so the team began treatment.

After 10 days of treatment and care, Lisa had made a complete transformation. The whole team were delighted by her speedy recovery, especially as she had arrived at the clinic in such a bad way. Lisa will now go on to find a wonderful new home.

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