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What we do

What We Do

We are an animal welfare charity that provides a sustainable veterinary resource globally.

WVS was founded by vet Luke Gamble in 2003, as a response to provide a solution to the overwhelming demand for veterinary care and resources that were not available in certain areas of the world. Luke's solution was to create an organisation that could collate veterinary resources and direct them to assist animal charities and non-profit organisations all around the world. 

How we help charities globally

The charity of action

From dog shelters in Thailand to elephant orphanages in Zambia, WVS are in action worldwide, running sterlisation and vaccination programmes, sending veterinary supplies out to animals in need as well as providing a fast action emergency response.

Watch this video of our founder, Luke Gamble, in action to find out more!

Our activity worldwide

The issue: Animal Overpopulation

The issue:

Animal Overpopulation

Every year, millions of cats and dogs are euthanised in animal shelters because there are more animals than there are responsible homes. Unwanted animals are simply abandoned to suffer and die. Millions more strays lose their lives from starvation, disease and abuse.

How we're helping:


Spaying/neutering combats animal overpopulation and alleviates animal suffering. WVS provides spay and neutering clinics worldwide which prevents more at risk animals from being born. Spaying dogs in particular, makes the dog healthier and less aggressive which is beneficial to the wider community.

How we're helping: Spaying / Neutering
The issue: Lack of veterinary training

The issue:

Lack of veterinary training

In certain areas of the world, veterinary training is limited and vets do not have access to the most up-to-date procedures and techniques.

How we're helping:

Training for vets

WVS provides a series of training courses to provide vets with the knowledge and skills, allowing them to build the veterinary capacity in their respective communities.

How we're helping: Training for vets
The Issue: Rabies

The issue:

Rabies and diseases

Rabies is the world’s deadliest zoonotic disease. It is 100% fatal and is a disease that is responsible for the death of a child every nine minutes somewhere in the world. 99% of all rabies cases are transmitted by dog bites.

How we're helping:

Vaccinating animals

Vaccinating dogs is the key to eliminating rabies from affected communities and Mission Rabies aims to eliminate rabies by 2030.

How we're helping: Vaccinating animals
The issue: Natural Disasters & Emergency Situations

The issue:

Natural Disasters & Emergency Situations

When a disaster occurs, animals are often forgotten and require veterinary aid.

How we're helping:

Rapid response teams

WVS provides a rapid action emergency response to provide veterinary care and resources to animals in need.

How we're helping: Emergency Veterinary Response

How we work

We provide support

We collect donations

We are able to provide rapid support to our registered charities, thanks to the generous donations of the veterinary community who provide both financial support and veterinary supplies.

We provide support

Charities request help

Animal charities worldwide register with us and inform us of their requirements for veterinary supplies, emergency support and/or volunteers.

We provide support

From veterinary volunteer teams, to essential aid supplies, we are ready to provide the infrastructure and resources needed - even in an emergency.

What we provide worldwide

Emergency Response

In a disaster/emergency we are able to provide a rapid veterinary response to any location in the world. Focusing on the animals that communities depend on every day, our ethos is 'animal welfare for human welfare'.

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Veterinary Aid Parcels

We send out veterinary aid parcels comprising of donated veterinary supplies to our associated charities based on their individual requirements. Many charities rely solely on these parcels, due to financial constraints and the limited availability within the countries they are based.

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Veterinary Volunteer Teams

WVS veterinary and non-veterinary volunteer teams are working all over the world, providing a life-saving resource to animal welfare charities and non-profit organisations.

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Training and Education

Training and education is key for making a sustainable long-term impact. We try to incorporate an element of training on all volunteer trips and many of our projects are specifically designed to help local vets. We have set up International Training Centre’s in India and Thailand where we are running training courses, treating animals and working with the local communities.

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Want to know more about us?

WVS was founded by Luke Gamble at the end of 2002. Luke realised that many international animal charities are often run by extremely well-meaning people whose requirement for veterinary aid is drastically affected due to the expense and availability in the country they are based. The idea was developed to create an organisation that could pool veterinary resources and direct them to assist animal charities and non-profit organisations all around the world. 

About us

"Animal welfare matters.
Let’s be the difference."

- Luke Gamble, WVS Founder