Young Puppy Learns to Walk On Three Legs Thanks to WVS Thailand

Young Puppy Learns to Walk On Three Legs Thanks to WVS Thailand

At only three months old, little Nong has had a traumatic start to life. He was found terribly frightened and barely alive; if it wasn’t for the kind people at BEES Elephant Sanctuary, he would not have made it.

Thankfully, they made the three-hour journey from the sanctuary in Maejem and brought him to our team at the Thai ITC. With part of his tail completely missing and a sever leg injury not only causing him pain but also terribly infected, Nong needed treatment quickly. It remains a mystery what exactly caused his injuries but they were several days old and left untreated, would have ended his life On arrival at our centre, he received the best medical care possible from our veterinary team and after amputating his leg and cleaning his wounds, Nong was set to make a full recovery. He turned out to be one of the sweetest, bravest little dogs our vets have treated and within just a few days he was eager to meet the people who saved him. He licks the hands of our vets and nurses every day when they come to clean and treat his wounds and it is clear he knows we are here to help him get better.

Nong has become a fast favourite at our shelter and loves being around people and the other dogs at our centre. He’s become incredibly affectionate and is one of the most playful pups at the shelter, finally getting the chance to act as the young and happy puppy he is!

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