Young Dog Is Saved From Shot Wound By WVS Vets

Young Dog Is Saved From Shot Wound By WVS Vets

One of our supporters recently came across Dao, a struggling young dog, in a distant area of northern Thailand. She was living rough in the rice fields of a remote community, living off of the scraps that the locals could afford to spare. 

It quickly became apparent that Dao was suffering from a wound to one of her rear legs. On further investigation is was evident that she had been shot by a heartless attacker. Although she had managed to survive the attack, it left her in constant and excruciating pain from nerve damage in her hind-leg. 

After being found, Dao was taken to our centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in order to receive expert veterinary care on her damaged nerve-endings and festering wound. Intensive treatment was given to Dao in order to make her more comfortable and ensure that she did not have to suffer any lasting damage. 

Our vets set to work on cleaning and addressing her wounds and, thankfully, she responded brilliantly to her treatment and managed to make a recovery that was far quicker than any of our vets could have anticipated.

Without vital WVS veterinary care, it is not clear how long Dao would have lasted before succumbing to her wounds. Instead Dao is now a wonderfully happy, loving dog who can finally walk and run free of pain once again!

Dao is now going through the final stages of her recovery and rehabilitation programme and has recently been placed up for adoption from our Thailand shelter. In order to prevent a similar situation reoccurring, returning Dao to the community where she was found is out of the question. Fingers crossed a new, loving home can be found for Dao as soon as possible. 

Thanks to you, we were able to provide the necessary, skilled veterinary care in order to ensure that she can go on to live a healthy and long life. 

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