WVS Thailand’s battle against Skin Disease for Chiang Mai’s Dogs

WVS Thailand’s battle against Skin Disease for Chiang Mai’s Dogs

Hardly a day goes by without our veterinarians at the WVS Thailand centre seeing a severe case of skin disease. Candy is just one of their recent patients battling with this debilitating condition!

When she arrived at our centre, her skin was so torn, it was clear she had been battling the disease for some time. These conditions are usually caused by one of several types of parasites. The parasites had caused Candy to constantly itch, scratching her body until it became raw and bleeding; these wounds then became infected and caused even more problems.

Candy’s story is not uncommon. If left untreated, wounds like this often prove deadly.

Candy’s fur was almost completely gone when she arrived with us. Struggling with the irritable skin, every movement was causing her pain. It was crucial that she began treatment as soon as possible. Our veterinary team got to work and set her on an intensive treatment programme, cleaning up her wounds, medicating her skin and removing the parasites.

Candy is now showing signs of improvement and is much happier after just two weeks of treatment, but she will require several more weeks of care to make a full recovery. Our team will continue to care for her each day until her skin has fully healed and she is back to being a healthy dog once more!

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