WVS India Rescue: Dog Entangled in Barbed Wire

WVS India Rescue: Dog Entangled in Barbed Wire

Milli, a street dog in Ooty, India was living in excruciating pain. She had a wire wrapped tightly around her hind leg, and no escape. Embedded deeply into the skin, it had likely been there for some time.

Our team at WVS India came to her rescue.

When Milli first arrived at the veterinary clinic, she was terrified. She was afraid of every single person who approached her. After living in pain for so long, it was only natural for her to have lost her trust in humans.

The team had to be extra careful around Milli as sadly, her fear quickly led to aggression. To help ease Milli’s pain and stress, and keep the team safe, she was sedated to remove the wire entangled in her legs.

With pliers, wire cutters and much perseverance, the team were able to free Milli’s leg. A bandage was applied to keep her wound clean and provide her leg support, and then it was time for her to rest.

Every day, the team cleaned the wound and checked Milli’s vitals, keeping a close eye on her progress and demeanour. They also spayed her in preparation for when she was ready to head home. Once Milli has made a full recovery and returned to her happy and healthy self, she’ll be released.

Milli is just one of the countless animals worldwide suffering in silence. Your support today can help us provide these animals with the veterinary care they deserve.

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