WVS Emergency Response: A life-saving parcel to Nepal

WVS Emergency Response: A life-saving parcel to Nepal

When disaster strikes, WVS responds. We were recently alerted to an emergency situation in Nepal where local charity Sneha’s Care were working tirelessly to treat some young calves suffering from terrible burns…

At a construction site near Kathmandu, a team of workers laying a tarmac road showed complete disregard for the animals living here and poured hot tar over the young animals. It is unclear whether this was intentional or an accident, but what matters most is that we work together to save as many of the injured animals as possible.

The cow is the national animal of Nepal and a very sacred creature to this community, so Sneha’s Care quickly attended to rescue the animals. Although they are now in a safe environment, the injuries to these young calves were severe and the sticky tar made it almost impossible to treat the skin.

WVS has supported Sneha’s Care with life-saving parcels in the past, including an emergency response to some cows caught in a farm fire last year. Now we endeavoured to do the same thing to help these animals! These calves needed treatment fast, so when Sneha’s Care reached out to us, we sent a parcel of Flamazine cream (used for the treatment and infection of burns) and antibiotics the very same day!

Five days later and the calves are making slow progress, but with the help of this medication they are on their way to recovery. The team on the ground from Sneha’s Care are working day and night to ensure the best care possible for the remaining cows and we look forward to updating you on their progress in the coming days!

It is thanks to our kind supporters that we are able to respond quickly and effectively in times of emergency and crisis. Without your help, these calves may not have received the lifesaving treatment they so desperately needed. If you would like to help us send more vital supplies to animals that need it most, please consider a donation today. It costs just £12 to send a 2kg parcel of medication and supplies to an animal charity responding to an emergency situation such as this. You can help us be the difference!

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