WVS Donates Anaesthetic Machine to Aid Bolivia's Wildlife

Last year, with support from the Marchig Trust, we were able to fund a brand new anaesthetic machine and oxygen generator for our supported charity La Senda Verde in Bolivia! So far, it’s helped an incredible 54 patients!!!

One of these patients was Mara, a spider monkey we’ve followed closely since her arrival in 2016 with paralysis from the waist down. Multiple lengthy surgeries mean she is often under anaesthetic for prolonged periods. This machine was also vital in the diagnosis and treatment of a fellow spider monkey, Kahlua, who was discovered to be pregnant much to the surprise of the team!! “This equipment has helped us give the greatest welfare to our patients reducing risk and offering greater security at the time of making a diagnosis. It’s been used to the maximum in a range of procedures from surgeries and fluid therapies to dental treatments and rescucitation situations. We’re so fortunate to have this excellent equipment! Thank you!”

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