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World Rabies Day

Mon 28th Sep 2015

Today marks World Rabies Day and our teams are out in force saving lives around the world.

Today, our C.E.O Luke Gamble flew out to Malaysia having been invited by the government officials to discuss solutions to a rabies outbreak. Last Friday Dr Gamble submitted a proposal to the Malaysian government to contain the rabies outbreak with humane dog population management. 

We also celebrated an incredible 5 years rabies free at the The Nilgiris District of Tamil Nadu, where WVS ITC India is based today. Clinical Director of ITC India Dr Ilona Otter said;

"Happy 5th Birthday WVS ITC India! And thank you for the entire WVS India ITC team - those who have been with us from 2010, got certificates today to acknowledge their contribution to the WVS ITC work for five years as well as those who have joined later are continuously working so hard to make the WVS ITC surgery programs so special.

We had a great morning with balloons and party hats and cake and candles. To put the last five years in a summary of figures (figures that are going up as I write this); 119 training programs, 1398 participants, 16,463 ABC surgeries, 29,055 rabies vaccinations and 4382 other cases treated.

The best birthday gift for the India ITC team was the letter from the Department of Public Health and Preventive Medicine to invite WVS India to attend the 'Review meeting to prepare Rabies Free Status in Nilgiris District at Pasteur Institute, Coonoor'. Thank you to Dogs Trust, Marchig Trust, BBF, VBB, Mayhew International, AWBI and all the countless of individuals who have contributed with their donations to make this work possible. "

We are also launching WVS ITC Thailand at the end of October. 

And our sister charity, Mission Rabies are out in force in Goa. Even though they only a quarter of the way through their mass vaccination drive and their amazing teams have battled torrential monsoon rain to vaccinate 10,591 dogs and counting. 

Today we are making a difference!