Week-Old Patient in Blantyre Receives Life-Saving Care

Week-Old Patient in Blantyre Receives Life-Saving Care

Recently our team at our Blantyre clinic received the curious case of an orphaned duiker calf that had been injured on a nearby game reserve.

The duiker, named Bryan by our team, had been found on a game reserve close to Blantyre in the South of Malawi and arrived at our clinic looking extremly scared and shaken whilst also having some serious injuries after being attacked by a predator.

Bryan had been suffering from some deep tissue damage to one of his legs which was making walking extremly difficult for a calf that was still only a week old! Our team immediately set to work tending to the wounds on Bryan's leg to ensure that there was no lasting damage so that he could live a healthy and happy life!

After a delicate and time-consuming, but successful procedure, Bryan was able to continue his recovery in the sanctuary of our Blantyre clinic. He also made quite the impression with our staff and made for some great photo opportunities...

Bryan is now receiving daily care and is getting stronger by the day and it is hoped that soon he can soon be released back into the game reserve where he was found.

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