Two-month-old Puppy Makes Miracle Recovery After Car Accident

Two-month-old Puppy Makes Miracle Recovery After Car Accident

Following WVS Thailand’s recent collaboration with local ambulance services, a little two-month-old puppy named Idin was brought to our ITC.

Little Idin was terribly weak, had suspected internal injuries and was also battling nasty blood parasites. On closer examination, our vets also discovered that she appeared to be blind.

Idin had lost her mother and was running around the streets of Sanpakwan municipality, scared and alone, until a car accident left her fighting for her life. It was a busy road and unfortunately, car accidents involving dogs are not uncommon in this part of Thailand, another reason why our work here is so vital.

When Idin came around, she found herself at our centre, with the sounds of our vets’ voices and fellow dog shelter residents barking away, but she still couldn’t see. Our WVS veterinary team got to work easing the pain Idin was suffering from and started treatment for the blood parasites.

Within a week, she was already improving, before the miraculous happened! It seemed that little Idin had regained her sight!! The dedication and kindness from our vets gave Idin the hope she needed to battle on and get strong and healthy.

She is now bounding around our shelter and doing much better, although our vets will monitor her condition for a few more days before she joins the other dogs at our shelter while she waits to find her forever family.

At only two months old, Idin has already dealt with so much suffering. This is why we are here, to help dogs like Idin get the treatment they need and have a better future.

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