Tumour Bigger than a Tennis Ball Removed by WVS BSPCA Team!

Tumour Bigger than a Tennis Ball Removed by WVS BSPCA Team!

A few weeks ago, we received news from our vets at the BSPCA in Malawi about a dog suffering from one of the largest tumours we’ve seen!!

Milo’s owner noticed the tumour on the side of his body when it was much smaller and took him to the local vet who tried to remove it. Unfortunately, a few weeks later the owner noticed the tumour had come back and grown considerably, making it much larger than it was before!

Desperate to help his beloved pet, the owner called our team at the BSPCA. These kinds of tumours are unfortunately much more common in older dogs but we were determined to do our best to help him. One of our vet volunteers, Steph, took the lead on the case, whilst Colin, a vet tech volunteer, and Lawrence, a Malawian vet student, assisted in the operation. The challenge was to ensure they removed the entire tumour and not just part of it, which would only prolong Milo’s suffering and cause the tumour to come back even larger.

They couldn’t believe the size of the mass protruding from Milo’s side but we are pleased to say that the operation was a success! Last week our team were delighted to see Milo come back to the clinic for a check-up and his body was healing wonderfully! The scar was looking good and his fur had grown back – both patient and owner went away very happy from their appointment!!

Clinics like the BSPCA are vital for providing a lifeline for animals like Milo. Without them, many animals would never even see a vet in their lifetime, let alone receive treatment in an emergency such as this. Alongside providing treatments, we work hard to improve the knowledge and surgical skills of the veterinary professionals to help all animals in Malawi get the best care possible. With your help, we can continue to provide this lifeline and improve the health and welfare of animals in these poor communities!

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