The Lone Heroes Standing Between Life and Death

The Lone Heroes Standing Between Life and Death

Blantyre, Malawi – amongst the poorest areas on earth. One of the many locations worldwide with a chronic absence of veterinary care. The place Bruno, a doting family dog, calls home.

Bruno has a good life, with a family that loves him and an exciting world around him to explore. But all of this was placed in mortal jeopardy when he was hit by a reckless driver. The crash left Bruno with a devastating injury to his leg, causing extreme pain and placing him at severe risk of a deadly infection.

The deficiency of veterinary provision in Malawi meant that Bruno's future was extremely bleak. But luckily for him, and his family, expert Worldwide Veterinary Service vets were on hand to save his leg and combat contamination.

Through detailed investigations and careful cleaning by the team, Bruno avoided amputation – which may have been the only way to halt infection taking his life. With time, our determined dog made a complete recovery – much to the relief of our team and delight of his family.

Worldwide Veterinary Service's vets were the only thing standing between life and death for Bruno. Your support ensures that compassionate teams like this can provide expert care where no-one else will.

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