Thailand: Sugus the dog, is on the mend

Thailand: Sugus the dog, is on the mend

This is Sugus, one of Thailand's beautiful stray dogs, and sadly, another road traffic victim.

The accident on the streets of Chiang Mai left Sugus with a serious hip injury, making it impossible for her to use her hind leg. For a street dog, this kind of injury is not only agonizing, but can be a death sentence. Without full mobility, she would be unable to search and compete for food or get out of the way of the next speeding vehicle.

But thankfully, Sugus was spotted in her poor condition and brought to our veterinary clinic, where we provide hundreds of strays with expert treatment and care every year.

At the clinic, our veterinary team examined the dog's injuries, and x-rays confirmed she'd fractured her left femur close to the neck, with most of the head of the femur still inside the joint. It meant a challenging surgery for our veterinary team.

Whilst Sugus was under general anaesthetic, the team performed a delicate procedure called femoral head ostectomy, where the top portion of the thighbone is removed. The severity of the damage meant it was particularly challenging, but they did it, and Sugus was able to begin her recovery post-op.

Within weeks, Sugus was back on all fours and had even found a loving family to adopt her, and get her off the streets.

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