Thailand: A bright future for "Smile"

Thailand: A bright future for "Smile"

Despite her cheerful name, "Smile," a poor stray on the streets of Thailand had little reason to smile. A severe skin infection had made her life almost unbearable, and she had very little strength left.

Smile had been suffering from a severe case of mange for several months. On top of that, the mites had caused a secondary bacterial infection, making her extremely itchy and distressed.

At our clinic and rehabilitation kennels in Chiang Mai, Smile began her journey back to good health. With expert treatment, medicated baths, and dedicated care, her beautiful coat and her joy of life have returned, and within six weeks, Smile was unrecognisable.

To make things even better for Smile, she captured the hearts of a lovely family who spotted her while she was in treatment. She will join them shortly and will never have to face life on the streets again.

There are so many strays in Thailand and throughout the world who have nowhere to turn to for life-saving veterinary care. That’s where we come in! You can make more success stories like this one possible, by supporting our work with a donation. Even a small amount can go a long way!

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