Thailand: Shelter dogs finally get their forever homes after years in care

Thailand: Shelter dogs finally get their forever homes after years in care

Good things come to those who wait.

Chloe, Fanta and Lilly are three of many dogs who've come through our veterinary centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand for life-saving treatment and care. But sadly for them, their happily ever after didn't come right away. It took years for our four-legged friends to finally meet the families who would give them their forever homes.

Chloe, a very sweet three-legged dog, was admitted to the shelter in mid-2016 with a horribly infected open fracture and several bite wounds on her body. Since no one was around to look after her following her amputation, she ended up becoming a long-term resident at the centre for three years. That is until a lovely couple met Chloe, and they decided to take her home.

Fanta, now a five-year-old dog, has lived at the shelter ever since she was abandoned in 2015. She was no more than a couple of months old at the time.

The team watched her grow up into a beautifully natured dog and were delighted that Fanta got adopted, giving her the chance to experience the joys of a proper home.

Finally, this is Lilly, a 10-year-old dog who for many years called a temple home. When she began to show signs that she was suffering, a kind stranger brought her to the clinic, where she was treated for skin issues, massive ectoparasites infestation and generalized weakness.

Years on, it’s heart-warming to see that that even an “old lady” like Lilly has finally found a nice family willing to look after her for the rest of her days.

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