Thailand: Behind the scenes of the new Critical Care Unit

Thailand: Behind the scenes of the new Critical Care Unit

Hundreds of critically sick and injured dogs land on the doorstep of our Thailand clinic every year. Many barely holding onto life. We've built a brand-new Critical Care Unit to triple the number of cases we can treat and care for – and give more of the country's street dogs the life they deserve.

Our Clinic Director Dr Giacomo Miglio is here to share his thoughts whilst walking through the new life-saving facility.

"It is 7:50am here in Thailand on a brisk November morning. I have been asked to spend a few minutes reflecting on the new Critical Care Unit that we've built over the past few months. Looking for some inspiration, I decided to walk into the new building and enjoy a few moments of solitude, before the place is filled with people and animals.

"No dogs have been moved into here yet, everything is empty, quiet, and new. New buildings have their own smell: freshly painted walls and clean floors that have barely been walked on. But very soon it will be replaced by the smells of our four-legged patients. Some people find the smell of dogs off-putting, but as a veterinarian, I find it almost comforting, like something familiar and reassuring.

"It is a strange feeling being able to hear the sound of my own steps on the floor. But it will not last long. In the very near future, the doors to the facility will open, and new patients with their own stories will start filling up these kennels.

"In front of each door, there is a double-face, laminated sign reading: CLEAN/DIRTY. This is probably going to be the last time they all read “CLEAN”. From this point forward, most kennels will be occupied with barking and tail-wagging patients. Patients with eyes looking up at us with great interest sometimes fear too, but also gratitude. In short, the place will be filled with life.

"Thanks to this new facility, we will be finally able to give our rescues a dedicated space to receive all the treatment they need, as well as a proper area to exercise and rehabilitate.

"We can't wait to share with you more of the heart-warming stories that cross paths with our centre. All unique stories that all deserve to be told.

"As I exit the Critical Care Unit and mentally prepare myself for the day, I can’t stop thinking of all the people, associations, and charities who've made this life-saving facility possible. Without the support of people like you, not even a brick would have been laid.

"It is a new beginning for us, and it is thanks to your kind support."

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