Thailand: Abandoned puppy Matilda

Thailand: Abandoned puppy Matilda

It was sheer luck that our team stumbled upon Matilda, an abandoned puppy in Thailand.

Whilst a volunteer was out walking some of the shelter's dogs in Chiang Mai, he spotted something odd. Beneath a rickety sala (open pavilion) he had passed a hundred times before, he noticed a large cardboard box.

He curiously stepped closer for a better look and discovered a tiny and terrified three-month-old puppy.

It was unclear how long Matilda had been there on the side of the road, utterly helpless and in the glaring sun. Without food, water, or a way to escape the box, she wouldn't have survived long there.

The volunteer quickly picked up Matilda and brought her to our veterinary clinic. There, our vets examined her thoroughly and checked her vitals to confirm, despite being slightly traumatised and incredibly ravenous, she was in good health.

After Matilda is spayed, vaccinated, and returned to her happy self, the team will find her a loving home within the community.

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