Thailand: An abandoned Alaskan Malamute gets a second chance at life

Thailand: An abandoned Alaskan Malamute gets a second chance at life

One of the most intense cases our team in Thailand has faced this year: Jacob, the elderly Alaskan Malamute.

Jacob was found on the streets, but he wasn't a stray. He's a breed dog; a 'desirable' animal to own as a pet. But as soon as his health began to deteriorate, he was turfed out on the streets.

The old dog had developed hip dysplasia which made walking on his hind legs increasingly difficult and painful. As time went on, painful tumours started growing on his left front leg and right front paw. Without treatment, the tumours kept growing, eventually completely destroying the poor animal’s paw. Unable or perhaps unwilling to support Jacob with proper veterinary care, his owner deserted him.

That's when our team first met Jacob. He was living alone at a temple, now with a debilitating cancer (a sebaceous epitelioma) that was eating away his front right paw. He could barely get up, clearly in constant, excruciating pain. He was brought to our veterinary clinic and animal shelter in Chiang Mai, Thailand for expert treatment.

With the cancer being allowed to grow unchecked for some time, our team now had to remove Jacob's entire right front leg, to save his life. For a large, heavy dog with back problems, this meant an ever slower life.

Our hearts broke for Jacob.

But there was still hope. After the amputation, our team supported Jacob's recovery, and he soon returned to his happy and healthy self.

Although now, on only three legs, Jacob needed a special someone to help him through his final years. A dear friend of WVS Thailand and a devoted foster mum came forward to offer Jacob a loving home for his retirement.

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