Street Dog Dobby Gets A Second Chance In Life

Street Dog Dobby Gets A Second Chance In Life

We recently received this great story from our Media and Communications Coordinator at our Thai ITC, Mark Stelzner.

Dobby was a stray dog that was found on the brink of death close to our centre in Chiang Mai. This is the story of how WVS saved her life, told by Mark:

"One of our volunteers noticed Dobby stumbling along the road close to the WVS Rescue Centre. It was clear that this old girl was close to the end of the line.

Starved and exhausted, she was admitted to our clinic that day. A thorough veterinary examination revealed that Dobby couldn't have lasted much longer – her body had become ravaged by skin, blood and intestinal parasites. She also lost all her teeth and was going blind in one eye. All these problems made it impossible for her to gather the strength to search for food and water.

Once she was strong enough, expert Worldwide Veterinary Service vets were able to eradicate all the parasites and diseases from Dobby's body. She has gained weight and her chocolate brown coat is growing thicker and thicker. Sadly, WVS can't give Dobby her teeth back or reverse her vision loss, meaning that her days as a street dog are over. However, she is revelling in the new found care she is receving, having become a favourite walking partner for our volunteers!"

Thanks to Worldwide Veterinary Service, Dobby has been taken from a dog who had no future, to a dog that is fit, healthy and ready to be adopted by a new home.

After the hardship she has endured, this is the least she deserves.

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