Sterilisation and Vaccination Campaign in Tanzania

Sterilisation and Vaccination Campaign in Tanzania

In 2015, we commenced an outreach programme in the Arusha region of Tanzania to provide spay and neuter surgeries as well as other medical assistance for animals in the area. Mission Rabies became part of the programme the following year delivering an annual mass rabies vaccination drive and education campaign to protect communities. Each year, we assemble a volunteer veterinary taskforce to provide essential veterinary services in partnership with Mbwa Wa Africa Animal Rescue.




Creating healthier, more stable dog and cat populations

With limited access to veterinary care in the region, uncontrolled breeding has caused suffering for many animals. By performing humane population control surgeries, we are combating this. Each year, we assemble a veterinary taskforce comprising of WVS staff and brilliant veterinary volunteers to deliver free spay and neuter surgeries to owned or stray dogs and cats. Across a two-week period, outreach clinics are set up where owners can bring pets forward for surgery. By having Mission Rabies volunteers situated close to the surgical clinics, it enables owners to get their pets vaccinated for rabies in one visit.

Expert care for animals in need

During this annual outreach programme, our teams come across animals requiring medical intervention and much-needed veterinary care. The clinics and vaccination campaign provide an opportunity to asses the health of animals in the area, provide anti-parasite treatments, and ensure treatment for any animals suffering with an injury or illness. Our partnership with Mbwa Africa Animal Rescue also ensures that those animals requiring longer term treatment can receive the care they need.

A safer home for all

Around the globe, rabies causes immense suffering for both people and animals, and dog bites are the main cause of human rabies deaths. In Tanzania, it’s estimated that 1,500 people die from rabies every year. However, the disease is still greatly underreported, and research suggests the number of deaths is much higher than official figures. By running an annual sterilisation and vaccination campaign, we’re creating healthier dog populations, protecting both animals and people in the communities.

Education and Awareness

Since the programme began in 2015, we have reached 138,847 children and 3,195 community members. Our education officers go into schools and community groups to give life-saving lessons on rabies prevention. Our teams also spread awareness within communities on the importance of responsible pet ownership and encourage owners to bring pets forward for sterilisation and vaccination.

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