Staff Spotlight: Admin Manager, Ms. Mabel Gomes

Staff Spotlight: Admin Manager, Ms. Mabel Gomes

Our frontline staff make everything we do possible.

Through our Staff Spotlights, we'd like to introduce you to these dedicated individuals – everyone from the veterinary staff to the rescue teams to the office personnel – who go above and beyond every day to help animals in need.

Here's one of those individuals, Ms Mabel Gomes, our Administrative Manager at WVS Hicks in Goa, India. Let her share with you more about her job handling the reception desk and phones on the frontline of animal welfare.

"I’ve always been a ground level, hands-on kind of person who, more than being with animals, loves ensuring that they are taken care of and kept safe. The one place in the organisation that can ensure this is the reception. I’ve been doing this task as a part of my job profile for the past four years. The reception has always been a rollercoaster ride... some days it can be hectic and time is of the essence, but the fact of the matter is, that's what makes it challenging and exciting.

"Our reception commences at 9am every day and we receive on average between 45 and 55 visitors, who come to the centre for clinical treatment or sterilisation for their pets. Some people visit the centre to donate money, toys, food supplies and other items for the animals. We more than occasionally receive visitors from the state forest department with injured wildlife in need of urgent treatment. We feel fortunate to be able to help these people and animals, and bring a smile to their face, especially after the animal makes a full recovery. It's priceless.

"At the clinic, we not only see canines and felines, but birds, squirrels, goats, rabbits, and even mice. I feel truly blessed and elated to be a part of their welfare. I would like to add that even during this lockdown period, a lot of people came to the centre despite the risk of going outdoors, solely for their pet's well-being. For those who couldn't come to the clinic, they've taken guidance from us by calling our helpline number. On a daily basis, we receive between 40 to 50 calls. When these animal require treatment, we organise an appointment for the owner. If it is a stray animal, we immediately send out our rescue team and they bring it in for treatment and care.

"We educate people about the importance of sterilisation and vaccinations. We also encourage people to foster and adopt animals, as well as teach them the feeding procedures for newborn puppies and kittens. We at the reception, always believe in virtues like patience, compassion, empathy and grace in all situations. The welfare of animals is what embodies our team's spirit and we believe in making a positive change every single day!"

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