SOUND X-ray equipment Transforms Diagnosis at WVS Thailand

SOUND X-ray equipment Transforms Diagnosis at WVS Thailand

Our centre in Thailand receives hundreds of injured dogs every single year and we strive to provide the highest level of care possible for each and every one. This has been aided by the donation of a new x-ray suite by SOUND, which has transformed the care we can provide to all the animals arriving at our centre.

At only a year old, Nin has already seen how harsh life can be for a dog in Chiang Mai. She arrived at our centre following a car accident. Our veterinary team used the new SOUND x-ray to quickly confirm that she had a chronic non-reducible hip luxation (incredibly severe dislocation) and performed a femoral head and neck osteotomy to allow the bones to re-align. This operation not only improved the function of her leg but has also helped prevent the development of any long-term pain. She was then x-rayed again to check the result of the surgery and our team were thrilled at the success of her treatment.

Nin is now receiving daily physiotherapy and headed toward complete rehabilitation!!

Thank you to SOUND for such an incredible donation!! It has made a massive difference to Nin’s life and is allowing us to provide absolutely the best care possible for all our patients in Chiang Mai!

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