Snake Bite Victim Saved By WVS India Vets

WVS has projects sites all over the world. This means that sometimes our cases are slightly different than cases that vets may come across in the UK. 

At the end of August our WVS Ooty team came across a large dog who had the skin on his neck unsheathed in some places. It soon transpired that these wounds suffered were as a result of a severe snake bite. 

The dog, named Rustom, had suffered from massive swelling and a huge skin abscess so the WVS team wasted no time in taking him into their Ooty clinic so he could receive the immediate veterinary care that he desperately required. 

WVS vets set to work immediately on his injuries, first of all opening the wound which helped to sterilize it and allowed the wound to be treated as quickly and efficiently as possible.  

The availability and skill of the WVS team allowed Rustom to be treated soon after he suffered the snake bite; decreasing the chances of infection and massively boosting his survival chances. Within 4 week’s Rustom’s wounds are healing and he is on the road to a full recovery, meaning he can return to being a happy and healthy dog! 

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