Security Dog Starving to Death Saved by BSPCA Vets

Security Dog Starving to Death Saved by BSPCA Vets

The relationship between dogs and people is very different in Malawi and other less developed countries than we might expect in the UK. Many are free roaming, community owned or kept for purposes such as guarding buildings, rather than as pets. Frank was one such example of this. He was owned by a security company who simply did not care about his health and welfare as they should have done.

Frank’s state was brought to our attention by a member of the public in Mulanje, the neighbouring district to our clinic in rural Blantyre. Rachael from our team at the BSPCA fought for days to arrange transport for Frank to come to our centre and get the treatment he so desperately needed. With help from the police, Frank was confiscated from the security firm and brought in for veterinary care.

Once at the BSPCA, our vets were appalled by his condition and after an initial exam, found that Frank was severely malnourished. We gave him deworming treatment and regularly check to ensure he puts on weight. Our team soon became fast friends with Frank - he was such a lovely dog from the moment he arrived, even after such a long time of suffering and starvation.

Although his malnourishment was the larger concern, our vets also treated Frank’s eye. They diagnosed him with a condition where the eyes are very dry, but thanks to the regular aid parcels WVS provides, our vets were able to treat it with some donated drugs from the UK which is often expensive and unavailable in Malawi. It has been working incredibly well and despite Frank’s age and health issues, he is on the road to recovery.

Frank now lives at the BSPCA full-time and loves playing with the other dogs, even if some of them are faster or have more energy than him! In the few weeks since his first arrival, he has already put on 3kg and looking so much healthier!! This friendly dog has finally got the life he deserves, and it’s all made possible thanks to our supporters, members and volunteers that help us ensure we are there for animals who need us most.

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