Saving Tiger's Sight

Saving Tiger's Sight

Our team in Blantyre, Malawi offer treatments to the animals living in the poorest communities, which their owners cannot afford, as well as rescuing injured and abandoned animals. This service is a vital lifeline for many dogs, and one of our recent patients was little Tiger.

Tiger was suffering from a TVT (transmissible venereal tumour), a cancerous mass that can develop during mating and spreads easily between dogs, especially if left untreated. The tumour had spread to Tiger’s eyes, affecting his sight and causing blindness. His owners were terribly worried, and did not know if he would survive.  

But thanks to the WVS vets and treatment available at our free clinic, we were able to treat Tiger and after only three short weeks, his eyesight was back, and he was a healthy dog once more. Tiger’s story would not have had such a happy ending were it not for our veterinary team and community clinic offering animals in even the poorest communities in Malawi the veterinary care that they need.  

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