A remarkable recovery for dog with a giant tumour

A remarkable recovery for dog with a giant tumour

Biggie, a stray dog in India, was in urgent need of veterinary attention after being discovered with a shockingly large mass around the skull.

This sweet male dog was spotted by one of our team in the town of Mettupalayam in the State of Tamil Nadu. The dog, estimated to be around seven years old, was brought to our veterinary facility in Ooty for immediate treatment. The team affectionally named him 'Biggie' due to his big heart which revealed itself to be even more enormous than his sizeable head.

Straight away, Biggie was put on fluids and given pain medication to make him more comfortable. The vets took X-rays of his head which revealed that, remarkably, the skull had not been affected by the growing mass.

After just two days at the clinic, Bigger was taken into theatre to surgically remove the mass which wrapped around a large section of his skull. Once removed, the mass weighed around 2kg which accounted for over one tenth of Biggie's body weight! A histopathology report showed that the mass was a malignant tumour called a fibrosarcoma. Left untreated, the mass would have been fatal as Biggie was unable to lift his head or seek out food.

Following the surgery to remove the mass, Biggie also required two further reconstructive surgeries, compression bandaging, and drainage of the wound. He is now recovering well and will remain at the WVS India centre, receiving lots of love and care, until he is adopted.

WVS vets, Dr Bahl and Dr Ganesh (pictured), provided treatment for Biggie.

"We treat many extreme cases at this centre, but Biggie's condition is certainly not one you see every day."

Dr Shreya Bahl, Resident Vet at WVS India, explains:

"We were incredibly relieved that the mass has not impacted the skull and could be successful removed in surgery. Biggie has been the most affectionate dog I have ever met, and we are thrilled that he can now start a new life as a much happier and healthier dog."

"He is the star of our centre and we're spoiling him with lots of love and attention, just as he deserves!"

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