Puppy Saved From A Life of Trauma and Pain by WVS Thailand

Puppy Saved From A Life of Trauma and Pain by WVS Thailand

Lilly’s short life has been filled with trauma and pain. She was living on the streets and suffering from a prolapsed rectum (final part of the large intestine protrudes from the anus) when she was found by a German tourist in Chiang Mai city. Knowing how much this little dog must have been suffering, she rushed Lilly to the University vet hospital where the damage was surgically repaired. This injury could have ended her life, but thanks to the kind community, Lilly was offered a second chance at life. However, she was unable to return to the streets so was brought to the WVS Thailand Rescue and Rehabilitation centre.

Lilly’s medical recovery is now almost complete but the ordeal has left her a bit fearful of handling by people. She was extremely shy and took some getting used to her new surroundings. Our carers have been working with Lilly each day and thanks to their patient efforts, she is gaining more confidence each day! One volunteer in particular dedicated many hours to her care in order to earn Lilly’s trust. We are now beginning to see glimpses of the happy and playful puppy Lilly is meant to be! Although she still needs time to adjust when meeting new people, she is beginning to enjoy her new life at the centre and we’re sure she’ll soon find her perfect home!

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