Puppy Hit by Car Saved by Hicks ITC Vets!

Puppy Hit by Car Saved by Hicks ITC Vets!

Gabby was the unfortunate victim of a reckless driving accident. At only three months old she has seen how harsh life can be when living on the streets.

When a car sped round a bend and caught Gabby before she had chance to move, the driver did not even stop to see how much damage he had caused to this injured animal. A passer-by quickly called the WVS Helpline and our team from Goa responded to rescue this little puppy. When we found her, she was completely unable to walk and could not even support herself to stand. Our veterinary team performed x-rays at the Hicks ITC to assess the damage. It was soon discovered that the major injury Gabby was suffering from was a fractured humerus bone. This vital bone helps her legs develop and holds the bicep muscles together but due to the accident, had been broken in the middle.

Fortunately, our expert team were on hand to help treat her. At our clinic, she was sedated and the fracture fragments were immobilised with a splint. She was put on strong pain killers to help relieve her suffering and was also given calcium supplements to help the fracture heal faster. This is important for a puppy so young to enable her bones to continue supporting her as she grows. Our vets and nurses have discovered that Gabby is such a brave and bright girl and we wish her a speedy recovery. When she is fully recovered and ready for a new home, she will be at our next adoption camp to hopefully find a forever family.

Many dogs like Gabby wouldn’t be so lucky. Not all animals have access to lifesaving veterinary care in these parts of the world. Here at WVS, we aim to treat animals who have no one else to care for them. With your support, we can continue to treat puppies like Gabby and give them the chance of a brighter future. Please become a member of WVS for just £4 a month or £40 a year and together, we can be the difference!

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