Paralysed Patient Walks Again Thanks to WVS Thailand

Paralysed Patient Walks Again Thanks to WVS Thailand

Trantor was a victim of a road traffic accident, but the injuries he sustained were some of the worst our team at WVS Thailand had seen.

His mobility was seriously impaired, with extensive nerve and muscle damage to his hind legs. This was caused by spinal trauma as a result of the accident, and his back legs were paralysed. Initially, it was unclear whether anything could be done to repair the damage to his legs and spine, but our brilliant team worked tirelessly to treat his wounds, and our dedicated nurses and volunteers performed daily exercises on his limbs.

Several months went by with gradual improvement and he has now regained the ability to walk, albeit somewhat haphazardly at times. The extensive rehabilitation therapy has allowed Trantor to get back on his feet, and with more time, our team are confident he will continue to improve and maybe even become fully mobile once more. Despite the trauma, pain and considerable disruption, Trantor continues to be a happy, enthusiastic patient, greeting visitors and attempting to keep up with the other dogs at our shelter.

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