Painful Skin Infection Leaves Thai Street Dog Fighting for His Life

Painful Skin Infection Leaves Thai Street Dog Fighting for His Life

Last month, the WVS veterinary team were contacted by a private vet clinic regarding a little stray dog with big problems…

Ricado had been brought to them by a tourist who wanted to get help for him as he was in in a terrible state. Unfortunately, the clinic was at a loss about how to proceed with his treatment, having rarely seen a skin problem this advanced.

They arranged his transport to the WVS Jeanne Marchig International Training Centre in Chiang Mai and our team got to work! Our experienced vets diagnosed Ricado with severe pyoderma, a painful bacterial skin infection likely caused by parasites and other bacteria that comes from living on the streets.

This condition will take many weeks of intensive treatment and care. Our team are currently awaiting some further lab tests which may highlight some further complications for Ricado’s condition. Given Ricado’s overall poor health, it will be a tough journey to recovery and he will need all the help we can give him, to get him back on his feet as a happy and healthy dog. But our veterinary team will not give up on him!

Sadly, the team at ITC Thailand see many cases like Ricado every month but regardless of the condition they arrive in, our vets strive to provide the best level of treatment possible for these dogs.

Ricado is still undergoing treatment at our centre and has a long road ahead of him but keep an eye on our social media and we’ll update you on Ricado’s progress soon!

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