From neglected to a new home for John

From neglected to a new home for John

John was abandoned, mistreated, and alone. Your support has helped to turn his life around.

Devastatingly, John had been abandoned by his owners. Finding himself in a new and unfamiliar place, he had not integrated well into the community and had become badly injured. Sadly, this is often the case with abandoned dogs. John’s injuries indicated that he had been attacked by both dogs and people, leaving him in immense pain. Thankfully, a local community member got in touch with our team at WVS Thailand and he was brought in for urgent treatment.

John had severe bite wounds on the side of his face, and our vets suspected that he had been shot by a pellet gun. During his examination, our team also discovered that he had a blood parasite infection which had resulted in anaemia and a low blood platelet count (thrombocytopaenia). John was understandably exhausted and appeared defeated by life.

We immediately commenced treatment in our Intensive Care Unit, giving John the love and care he deserves. Tropical antiseptic treatment was applied to his infected wounds, and they were cleaned daily, helping him to heal quickly. We did not feel it would be safe to return John to the area in which he was found, so our team made the decision to put him up for adoption.

Our veterinary team knew that it would take time for John to fully recover from his ordeal. He is a very quiet and sweet boy, so we were pleased to see him adapt well to life at our rescue centre. John became very found of all the staff and volunteers and started to really show what an affectionate dog he is.

Adult mixed-breed dogs often face an uphill battle finding a new home, but we were determined to get him a loving new home. John did his best too and caught the eye of Tom and Wanida, a lovely couple who had just moved to the area. They decided to adopt! We are thrilled that John is settling in splendidly and is being completed doted upon. Tom relishes having a companion on his long morning walks and Wanida is giving him bundles of love and fuss – just as he deserves!

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