Naughty dog keeps WVS Hicks Vets on their toes

Naughty dog keeps WVS Hicks Vets on their toes

Naughty got her name from her behaviour while recovering at our ITC but she was found in Chapora, near the coast of Goa and was in urgent need of veterinary care…

She was lying in the road with a huge maggot wound on her neck. She was in a critical state when she arrived at our centre but the team at the Hicks ITC immediately assessed her and started treatment. She was given fluids and medication to stabilise her and she was doing much better.

Her wounds were cleaned every day and gradually they began to heal. She even tried to run away mid-treatment (hence the name Naughty) so was already feeling much better! Her wound is healing very well and soon she will be released back to her community so she can be her naughty self again!

The team at the Hicks strive to help as many animals as possible, improving animal welfare across Goa whilst treating dogs and other animals in need of veterinary care! To help us continue this vital service, we rely on donations and support from people like you. For more information, click here.

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