Meet Our Fundraisers: Nadin’s Story

Meet Our Fundraisers: Nadin’s Story

On July 29th Nadin Denk is taking on the Xletix challenge, an event that included running, overcoming obstacles and dealing with the altitude of mountainous Austria! This is why we’re championing Nadin as one of our super fundraisers! Here’s what she had to say about choosing WVS and preparing for the challenge!

I think WVS does such great work for animals worldwide! The main reason why I chose to fundraise for WVS was the Appeal for the shelter in Chiang Mai.

This March I participated in a neutering project at Boon Lott´s Elephant Sanctuary in Sukothai. The WVS team came from the dog shelter and ITC in Chiang Mai. I think the ITC and shelter are a great institution and need to be preserved. So when I heard that they were in danger of being closed down I wanted to help in some way and decided to fundraise. That is also why our team at the Xletix challenge is called Run for Shelter.

When I heard that the shelter was saved, I still wanted to help. I am sure the money will always be needed. I also hoped that the more the ITC and dog shelter are supported, the better the chances are that vet teams can be sent to Boon Lott. They are doing such great work there and are always in need of help.

So, a little about me… I am a German vet, I have been qualified for seven years and this was my first project with WVS. I have been supporting and following WVS for a few years now and always wanted to participate in a project. It was a great experience and I am hoping to volunteer for WVS again in the future!

Now on to the challenge! The Xletix challenge is an obstacle race in Tyrol, Austria. The race will be 15km long and we will have to cover not only those 15 km but also 970m in altitude and tackle 25 obstacles on the way – it is like the Spartan race or Tough Mudder. It will definitely be a big challenge, not only because of the length of the race and the obstacles but also because the whole thing will take place at 2500m altitude!!

I have been training a lot but I have never been an endurance runner so I am hoping the training I have done will be enough! We shall see!! But it is all fun and I am starting in a team of 10 people so we will help each other over the obstacles and through the race!

If you have been inspired by Nadin’s story and wish to take on a fundraising challenge for us, please get in touch, or visit our website for more information!

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