Market Stray In Dire Need of Veterinary Care

Market Stray In Dire Need of Veterinary Care

Sai Jai is a friendly stray dog who knows the WVS Thailand team well but when she came into our centre a few weeks back, our vets discovered something much more concerning…

Sai Jai lives at a local market and is cared for by the market sellers who have grown fond of her over the years. She’s also a familiar face at the WVS Thailand community clinic where she has previously been sterilised and treated for a digestive issue.

When her carers from the market brought her in again last month however, her issues were much more worrying. Our vets quickly investigated and found a large tumour had formed on her neck over a relatively short period of time. It was causing her a lot of pain and discomfort. If left untreated, this mass could have soon affected vital functions like breathing and eating and left Sai Jai in a life-threatening state.

Fortunately, our excellent veterinary team was able to determine quickly that surgery was still an option. Thanks to the great diagnostic and surgical skills, Sai Jai made it through the delicate procedure without a hitch and the entire tumour was successfully removed. The pathology report on her biopsy revealed that her tumour was benign. Fortunately, it was a lipoma made up of fatty tissue.

Sai Jai is recovering well and will soon be able to return to her friends at the market!

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