Malawi: Injured dog finds a porch to rest, but gets so much more

Malawi: Injured dog finds a porch to rest, but gets so much more

This is Molly, a clever little dog who calls Malawi home.

After she'd badly broken her leg on the streets, Molly was trying to find a safe place to rest. She wandered off the streets and onto the porch of a private residence in Blantyre. This is how Sara, the homeowner, found her: curled up in one of the dog beds outside.

Sara noticed how badly Molly was injured and brought her to the BSPCA veterinary clinic.

X-rays showed that Molly had sustained a fracture to her left ulnar and radius, but some time ago. Ever since she'd somehow managed the pain, hobbling around on three limbs.

In surgery, whilst Molly was sedated, the veterinary team tried to reduce the fracture, but there was already too much contraction of the tissue. Determined to save her limb, the veterinary team applied plasters for a week, but their efforts were unsuccessful in aligning the damaged bones for healing. They made the necessary decision to amputate Molly's front left leg to give her a new start to life.

After Molly woke post-surgery, she was straight on her feet and hopping around outside, already so much happier.

Whilst Molly was in the clinic, the veterinary team also treated her for mange and was given plenty of high protein foods to help her rebuild her strength.

Throughout Molly's journey, Sara's family grew quite fond of the sweet dog and decided to adopt Molly and give her a loving home. Molly really hit the jackpot when she chose Sara's porch for a snooze!

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