Malawi: Conservation through Vet Care

Malawi: Conservation through Vet Care

Majete Wildlife Reserve

65 km south-west of Blantyre lies the Majete Wildlife Reserve. Like many parts of Africa, the reserve's animal populations were decimated during the late 1970s and 1980s due to poaching and other human activities. Even up until 2003, when the reserve was placed under the management of African Parks in partnership with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW), it was still a wasteland. All of Majete’s wildlife had been hunted out – elephants, rhinos, lions, buffalo, even warthog – only a few antelope remained.

Since then, the Majete Wildlife Reserve has been a place of resurgence and restoration. African Parks and DNPW worked with the land and local communities to restore what was lost, carefully reintroducing key species including black rhino, elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, sable antelope, and buffalo.

Photo Credit: African Parks

Vet Care for Conservation

With protected species now calling the Majete Wildlife Reserve home, rangers work around the clock to ensure the health and safety of its residents. When an animal needs veterinary treatment and care, the rangers call upon our vets. Located at the BSCPA in Blantyre, our team has assisted with everything from health checks on orphaned serval kittens to critical first aid on a pangolin rescued from poachers.

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Restoring the Balance

Not only are our teams providing expert treatment and care to wildlife, but they are also rehome the animals that don't belong in the Majete Wildlife Reserve. Abandoned and free-roaming domestic cats often end up in the park from surrounding villages. In the wilderness, they miss out on proper care, and as introduced species, they threaten small native wildlife. For the last two years, our vets have been actively trapping, neutering, and rehoming these cats for their health and well-being, and to help the native species thrive. This is how we met Osman, a very friendly wilderness cat.

Partnership for Wildlife

In 2021, we made our partnership with African Parks in Malawi official. As part of the collaboration, two new highly trained anti-poaching dogs joined the team of rangers who are being cared for by our vets. Our experts are assisting with key aspects of the animal's lives – everything from selecting suitable handlers to providing the dogs with all their routine care. We also remain on-hand to treat and care for wildlife if necessary and help monitor key wildlife species.

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