Malawi: Finding the right home for Klaus

Malawi: Finding the right home for Klaus

Klaus, a German shepherd dog in Malawi, has stolen the hearts of our veterinary team.

We first met Klaus when he was brought to our veterinary clinic by his owner. He was in obvious pain and discomfort when using his hind legs, and a series of x-rays explained why.

Klaus had an old fracture in one of his hind legs but on top of that, his hips were in extremely poor condition. He was suffering from a severe form of hip dysplasia which is common among breeds such as Labradors and German Shepherds, and is the result of bad breeding.

At his home in Blantyre, Klaus was used as a guard dog, but his condition now made that impossible. Our vets explained to the owner their concerns with Klaus' deteriorating condition. The owner agreed to surrender Klaus, so we could find him a new home, one that better suited Klaus' needs.

A call was put out to the community to begin the search for that special someone to care for Klaus.

It's the sad reality for Klaus that his life will not be without challenges, and that he will most likely not live a long life. As he continues to grow, the pressure on his legs and hips will also grow, and he will eventually be unable to live pain-free. However, in the meantime, Klaus can live a full and happy life, with the right family.

Those that have been working closest with Klaus describe him as "a bundle of joy and love, not many brain cells, but not a bad bone in his body," and we have no doubt that we can give Klaus, and animals just like him, the home they need.

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