Maggot-Ridden Wounds Leave Dog Fighting for his Life

Maggot-Ridden Wounds Leave Dog Fighting for his Life

In Goa, our teams are busy every day treating animals, training vets and responding to emergency calls in the community. Recently, the team were called about a dog called Tuffy. Our Clinical Director at the Hicks ITC, Dr Karlette Fernandes tells us his story…

We received a call on the very busy WVS helpline reporting that a dog had been injured in the area and his wound was infested with maggots. The distressed caller described him as being eaten away alive so we knew his injuries were going to be severe!

The WVS Hicks Rescue Team captured the dog and brought it to the Rescue and Treatment Kennels at our centre, ready for the veterinary team to assess Tuffy and provide treatment for his wounds. 

Dr. Amulya was the Kennel Vet and became best friends with this ever so friendly dog. Despite his injuries, Tuffy was always pleased to see us and the veterinary team enjoyed helping this little dog. Each day his wound dressings were changed and his progress was good.

After the wound was clean and free from maggots, Dr. Vinay performed reconstructive surgery to close the gaping wound in the dog’s neck.

After just 12 days, Tuffy was released back into his community, much to the happiness of those that live alongside him! He was adopted into the neighbourhood where he is now free to roam again but this time, under the care of this wonderful community.

The WVS Hicks ITC respond to calls of injured dogs like Tuffy every single day, striving to collect and treat as many animals as possible to give them the best chance of recovery. To help support the work of the WVS veterinary teams, please donate today.

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