Life-saving surgery for Blantyre dog

Life-saving surgery for Blantyre dog

Our teams are used to seeing dogs living in harsh and squalid conditions. When out on a vaccination drive in Blantyre, Malawi, a female dog was seen living in challenging conditions. Usually this would not be out of the ordinary for one of our teams, however, they could see that this particular dog was suffering from a terribly painful tumour.

The dog, named Hippo, had a large TVT (transmissible venereal tumour) at the top of her rear, left leg which was a serious threat to her life. Our vets wasted no time in temporarily stopping their vaccination drive in order to treat the suffering pup. Hippo was taken to WVS’ Blantyre Clinic and was sterilised in order to stop this viciously contagious disease from spreading. Weekly injections were then started in order to reduce the size of the tumour before it could be fully removed. Hippo’s tumour has now fully regressed and she has completely recovered at the WVS clinic in Blantyre.

Had our WVS team not been able to act so swiftly and efficiently, Hippo may have not have survived this plight. Thanks to your donations, we are now able to give animals like Hippo a second chance when these kind of infections arise. Before WVS arrived in Blantyre District, there would have been no one available to treat Hippo, leaving her chances of survival extremely slim. Donate today to save the lives of dogs just like Hippo:

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