Left at Mordor: Vet Nurse’s Plan to Climb 15 Mountains in 24 Hours for WVS!

Left at Mordor: Vet Nurse’s Plan to Climb 15 Mountains in 24 Hours for WVS!

Nicky Daly is a veterinary nurse that has supported WVS for many years, and next year, she’s taking her support to new heights!! Together with her partner Gyles, Nicky will be hiking across 15 mountain peaks in Snowdonia, all of which are over 3,000 feet above sea level, in just 24 hours! This epic challenge is known as the Welsh 3000s!

The pair aim to raise £500 for each of their chosen charities and Nicky shared with us some of the reasons why she chose WVS! “I feel certain that the money raised will actually go to the teams on the ground all over the world who help animals in crisis. I know it will also help educate owners and the local community who use these animals around the world. It will have a positive impact on the lives of both companion animals, working animals and wildlife all around the globe and that’s why I have supported WVS for so long.” They’ve already been sharing regular updates about their training and fundraising progress including videos, blogs and shared a map of the route they’ll be taking, on their dedicated Facebook page, Left at Mordor, and their fundraising page. You can help them by donating online – with every pound raised, they’re one step closer to their target!!

To prepare for this awesome hiking adventure, Nicky and Gyles have been taking part in weekly training in the gym close to their Yorkshire home and have been visiting Wales every month, camping and hiking the mountains to help prepare for the challenge! This training began 12 months ago and will spend the next 12 months prior to the challenge doing the same! They’ve also concentrated on diet, weight loss, flexibility, agility and stamina-building, ready for the final hike in June 2020! “We have been hard at work trying to spread the word and promote our event through friends, family and work colleagues to gain sponsorship and would be grateful for any donations.” Nicky’s friends Amanda and Nikki have also kindly agreed to be the couple’s ground crew and support them on the day!

Here at WVS, we’re constantly amazed by the challenges taken on by our supporters and veterinary professionals around the world. Nicky’s advice to anyone interested in doing a similar challenge is: “Prepare well in advance! Once you have a great idea make sure you have plenty of time to set everything up and get as much help as possible from friends and family for support. Do a little bit every week to keep your motivation high. Once you start to gain momentum and see some initial results it encourages you not to give up! Finally, if you are going to do something crazy, do it for a good cause!” We’d like to wish Nicky and Gyles the best of luck in the challenge!!

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